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"Mayak" on the River Dnieper is a fishy place for all the fans of fishing!

Recreation Site "Mayak" is located in the best area for fishing. Citizens of Kremenchug and vicinity surely know about this popular fishing spot and gladly take advantage of it. It’s suitable both for seasoned fishermen and amateurs. Recreation Site is chosen for international annual underwater hunting competition "Slavic Cup".

Fishing on the River Dnieper

The Dnieper is rich in fish of many kinds. One can find cat fish here, pike, bream, bass, zander, carp, European carp, silver carp, Chinese carp, crucian carp, ide, nerfling, asp, etc. The relief of the bottom near the recreation site is a classic river shelf with the drop of depth up to 15 m. The bottom is composed of pebbles, sand, and clay.

Map of fishy places near Recreation Site "Mayak"

Experienced fishermen always know where to get the best take and enjoy the process itself. We are happy to share this kind of information with our guests, that is why if you come for fishing, we will gladly give you the map with description of the best places for fishing as well as the bottom’s relief and the depth in different areas.

Underwater Hunting Competition "Slavic Cup"

Underwater Hunting Competition “Slavic Cup” is held in the water area of Kamennyie Potoki village every autumn. This is one of the stages of the “Slavic Cup” of Ukrainian Underwater Hunting Competition.

Around 30 teams from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova take part in the underwater hunting competition. Only sportsmen 18 and up that underwent special training and obtained the necessary certificate of underwater hunter are allowed to take part in this contest. According to the organizers the biggest fish caught during “Slavic Cup” was a catfish weighing over 20 kilos.

Recreation Site "Mayak" is a great place for recreation and fun!

We are delighted to provide our guests with all the necessary things that they may need to have lots of fun, relaxation and wonderful experience.

Fishing on the River Dnieper not far from Kremenchug. We are situated near the Village Kamennyie Potoki, Poltava region.