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Sauna by the River Dnieper

We invite you to visit our sauna! The best saunas of Kremenchug are situated by the river bank. Take your chance to combine relaxation and pleasure. Sauna is a great way to alleviate stress, cleanse skin, improve blood circulation and simply feel good. At any time year-round you will have a wonderful time in a real sauna heated with firewood!

Sauna heated by firewood

  • Sauna is situated right by the river
  • Sauna bucket with cold water
  • Relaxation room
  • Shower, WC
  • Oak switch 50 UAH per piece
  • Food catering by a waiter
  • Slippers – 30 UAH
  • Bath towel – 30 UAH
  • Sauna sheet – 30 UAH
Rental price 1 час 250

* Minimum time of rent – 2 hours

To rent the sauna, please call +380 67 535 30 13 (round-the-clock)

When you pay for 3 hours you get the 4th hour free!

Sauna of Kremenchug

Sauna in Russian is called "banya". Its origins go back to as early as the 5th century. Sauna is used to improve and maintain good health and boost immune system. Going to “banya” is a popular practice in Slavic countries which is part of the culture here that has become a special tradition of gathering together and enjoying the time.

Tips to help you choose the right sauna switch:

  • If the switch is fresh (not dried) it is used without presoaking otherwise it will be ruined.
  • Dried switch is presoaked in cold water for 10-20min and then in hot water for 1-3min.
  • Sauna switches are made of different plants: birch, oak, alder, lime, fir-tree, etc.
  • To choose the best sauna switch, read more of our tips

Пословицы и поговорки о бане

В бане помылся, что омолодился.

Баня без пара — что щи без навара.

В бане веник дороже денег.

В бане помылся — заново родился.

Sauna right by the River Dnieper is a perfect place to get together with colleges, friends or family and enjoy the time!